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Stage Lighting
Using high-end technology we provide advanced festival and concert setups across Devon, Cornwall and Somerset. The setups we offer can be discussed in detail upon request as each event is unique.
Our stage setups are created before we are on site and heavily documented so that everything on the event day runs like clockwork.
Outdoor Lighting
Lighting festival sites can become a challenge when so many areas need attention. We have a large stock of IP rated fixtures, festoons and a crew to take this task into capable hands.
Our IP rated fixtures can light up signs, areas or large spaces that need a bit of colour added.
We can supply multiple festoon packages including bright frosted lamps, vintage squirrel cage lamps and our funky filament lamps available in multiple colours.
To power all this, a lot of cabling is needed. We can supply large amounts of mains cable, distribution units and cable ramp to power your site.
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