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Bringing Light On
Your Event.

Lighting event sites can become a challenge when so many areas need attention. We have a large stock of IP rated fixtures, festoon, fairy lights and a crew to take this task into capable hands.
Outdoor Flood Lights
Our IP rated fixtures can light up signs, areas or large spaces that need a bit of colour added.
We can supply multiple festoon packages including bright frosted lamps, vintage squirrel cage lamps and our funky filament lamps available in multiple colours. All these lamps can be used in different scenarios so please get in touch to find out the possibilities.
Fairy Lights
Fairy lights are a great way for creating a delicate atmosphere while also resulting in a practical use for lighting outdoor areas. We offer both warm and cold white in large quantities to give an outstanding finish to your event.
Temporary Power
Temporary power is a key part to events especially when vendors are drawing high amounts. We can supply a large variety of cabling, distribution units and cable ramp as solutions.
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